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So yes, Brooklyn's Finest idea has been oficially abandoned. I get bored of things too easily. So yea, just thought I'd update for that one person out there!

And also, I've been up for much too long, just a little bit of personal information for ya. I'm dying and I need to sllep or else, I'll be falling asleep behind the wheel, or sleeping while I see my gf. I knew drinking the Playboy Energy was a bad idea. Well, at least I have a second one for the rest of the day!

And lastly, I made a picture for myself while I wasn't sleeping (do ya like it?), and also tried to turn my iPod Touch's backing from a boring chrome to brushed steel look.

Post at ya later Mr. Uno!

Well, I've scraooed my old idea... Why can't I do something for more than a week?

Post? Why Post?

2010-03-02 21:34:35 by jake2034

I dunno why I should be posting, not many people will be reading this. At least, I don't think people will be... Other than... YOU! Lol, you're probably the only person to ever read this. But I guess I just wanted my page to say something other than "You don't have any posts. LOL, FAG!" But anyways, onto some type of news.

I'm working on a new project that I'm calling "Brooklun's Whatever." It's a spoof of a small part of the trailer for "Brooklyn's Finest."
It's at least ten times better than my first flash, "Pac-Man Gone Wrong." I actually tried drawing people and stuff, and it doesn't look half bad.
So, here's the video of the trailer:

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And here's a screen shot of me finishing the background and Richard Gere:

Post? Why Post?